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Go on an Art Adventure!

The Grassroots Art Center has coordinated field trips to iconic artist sites, galleries, and workshops. You may carpool or drive your own vehicle, and choose from a list of local lunch options or on your own. Call 785-525-6118, or email with any questions. Each trip includes exclusive access to sites with Grassroots Art Center director Rosslyn Schultz, and conversations with artists and site caretakers.

June 24, 2021

Wichita, Kansas

You are invited for a private tour of Gary Pendergrass’s art sanctuary. Pendergrass’s "Steampunk," 1890 - 1910 magical land is filled with birds, engines, masks, and statues.

We will break for lunch and reconvene.

Chris Poelma will show you around Dan Beck’s carved limestone sculptures, and colorful garden that earned him the name, “Local Deity” in Wichita. Purchase tickets at this link:

July 24, 2021

Great Bend & Sylvia, Kansas

See Bob Mix’s workshop where he creates whimsical machines and creatures in Great Bend, Kansas. Bob has several of his metal sculptures in the Great Bend Zoo and we will tour those also.

We will dine (included) at Prairie Oaks Inn.

A drive to rural Sylvia, Kansas will bring you to Don Brownlees’s 1912 farmhouse surrounded by his creative sculpture garden of stone and metal. Inside the home we'll explore his creativity in wood, plaster, fiber, metal, along with an organ with 5000 decorated pipes filling a room and ceilings in the home. Current owner, Michael Murphy will provide a tour of this one-of-kind site.

Purchase tickets at this link:

September 14, 2021

Hays, Kansas

Join us on a tour of Curly Leiker’s home and workshop. Over two hundred-fifty of his one-of-a-kind human portrait mailboxes made of scrap iron can be found across the USA.

We will break for lunch and reconvene.

Professional sculptor, Pete Felten will welcome you to his Post Rock Limestone Courtyard. Next his Stone Gallery where you will view his working process and Bruce Burkholder will share insight into his paintings. Purchase tickets at this link:

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