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Bowl Plaza

Local and extended community, Grassroots Art Center and local artists Abraham and Pilar joined forces to make a mosaic patchwork potty.



The architectural concept began with a practical need and a dream. Lucas needed a handicapped accessible public restroom. It is designed and built to fit the character of the visionary, grassroots, recycled environments exhibited throughout Lucas. Artists Mri-Pilar & Eric Abraham, staff and community incorporated mosaic materials, utilizing colored bottles, broken pottery, dishes, tiles, toys and mirrors in the mosaics that cover the restroom walls.
The restroom entrance, a spectacular 16 ft mosaic oval lid, is designed to be enjoyed from both the interior and exterior of the building. It features repurposed glass bottles, travel plates, quotations, hubcaps, tail lights, license plates, dishes, etc. The curved seating is in front of the building forms the bowl. The 6 foot toilet bowl drain is an Eric Abraham original porcelain sculpture, depicting swirling water with items that people have accidentally dropped into a toilet bowl. Local businesses, citizens and visitors have donated recycled bottles/materials. Thousands of volunteer hours have been given to help create this unique public art sculpture. Donations are always welcome to help with daily operating expenses.

Take A Look Inside

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