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Welcome to the Lucas Triangle

Grassroots Art Center

An all day arts adventure begins at the  Grassroots Art Center. Staff has documented over 150 Kansas visionary art environments plus many more sites in the Midwest and beyond.

Eccentricities await you, just take the tour!

Florence Deeble Rock Garden

The Deeble house is rather unassuming, but take a walk around to the back yard and a visitor is transported across America. Florence Deeble created the outside landscapes she called, "Postal Card Scenes" which are made of concrete and various native rocks and stones. She was a long time resident and school teacher in Lucas and area schools. As the town historian, she created a section of her yard which depicts the names of influential local residents.


Mri-Pilar's Garden of Isis

A seven room installation is located inside the Florence Deeble home. Florence died in 1999. In 2002 Mri- Pilar began to slowly transform the interior rooms. She eventually created another world out of recycled materials. Walk through the house and be awestruck. Inspired by the  Goddess Isis, this home is an homage to the deity. You have definitely never seen anything like this!


Bowl Plaza

The next stop on your Lucas arts adventure has to be the public restroom. Bowl Plaza is located on Main Street, you can't miss it! Bowl Plaza was a joint idea from the community, art center and local artists that fulfilled a public need and artistic vision. It was a four year project led by the Grassroots Art Center and architect. This mosaic embedded restroom is now an international and national award winner for the quirkiest restroom. It is a must see!


Grassroots Art Center Limestone Courtyard

Tour the architectural, historical and cultural value of 1870 -1920 post rock limestone in north central Kansas.

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