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Artist Donations and Other Newsworthy Items

  • Paul Seiwald, Vermillion, donated several of his stylized paintings.

  • Bob Mix, Great Bend, metal art work was featured in an exhibit at Great Bend, KS

  • Our sympathies to both Paul and Bob, as they have lost their life long spouses: Mary and Beverly.

  • Ole McKellip, Newton, generously donated two metal animal sculptures to the art center.

  • Donna Hicks, Stockton, entered art work in the Rooks County Fair and received Reserve Champion on a mixed media fish. She also won ribbons at the Kansas State Fair with her art.

  • Evon Hillan donated an assortment of Henry Obermuller’s (her father’s) wood carvings from Lincoln, KS to the permanent collection

  • Thanks to Trevor Harris, Columbia, MO for giving the director a tour of his house/yard environment, and two other outsider art environments in Columbia.

  • In addition, thanks to Sylvia Kleindenst, Buffalo, NY for spreading the word about grassroots, intuitive art.

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