Grassroots Art Center

Warren Lingg

Warren Lingg (deceased) was editor of a Cawker City newspaper for many years, but at age 84 found himself moved to artistic expression by the haunting presence of some dead trees.

Killed by standing flood waters, the trees fairly cried out to be transformed into totem poles.

Later, Lingg directed his efforts toward transforming the crotch of the tree, conveniently divided into two limbs, into his "crotch people."

As a newspaper man, Lingg knew that behind every face there was a story; he began to construct narrative poems to reveal the character of his "crotch people."

For example, how "Lonsesome Joe" was saved from his life as a beer-soaked couch potato by the irresistible wiles of "Flirty Gerty." His outward expression may be rather wooden, but within that trunk, his heart beats as passionately as any man's...

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