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Russell 'Bud' Mauk
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Bud Mauk is a woodcarver, philosopher and just plain good old boy. He's been carving wood since he was 6 years old with everything from knives to little hatchets and axes. His hands show the wear of carving. Mauk said, "You never want to stop doing something." He grew up on a Cherokee Indian Reservation in Oklahoma and has created many totem poles and Indian figures. Some of his carvings weigh more than 500 pounds, and each has its own distinct personality.

Mauk worked as a machine tooler and electronics engineer at Boeing in Wichita during his employment years, retiring in 1967. He once created a scale model B47 approximately 4' by 3'. The plane had a core of maple wood which he encased in copper sheeting. This B47 was on display in the Boeing main offices for many years.

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