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Ronald 'Woody' Logbeck
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Woody Logbeck has always been fascinated by the whirring, mechanical movement of all kinds of gadgets and gizmos. He loves to take apart machines to see how they work and then put them back together. Logback spends up to two years creating each of his automatons, carving the wood figures and determining how to set up the drive mechanisms to make the figures move the way he wants. Woody says, "These were the video games of 175-200 years ago."

A retired die technician, Woody specializes in building what he calls "monkey boxes," beautifully finished oak cases where hand-carved figures act out mini-dramas. Woody's intricate recycled metal mechanisms such as phonograph and dictaphone motors which power the coin-operated displays are hidden in the lower half of each box. Most of his animated scenes are humorous depictions of the escapades of students in an old one room school, comic farm scene, Bar Room Brawl, or the Evils of Drinking.

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