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Nick Schmiedeler
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Nick Schniedeler elevates junk to jubilant sculpture. His canvas is his home and his medium is rusted metal, spare parts and discarded detritus. A favorite family outing for Nick and his two children is an excursion to the junkyard to scrounge for new materials. The yard and home environment is a culmination of incorporating his finds at the junkyard in a very organized, orderly manner throughout the yard and home.

The perimeter of his yard is an odd assortment of car tags from the fifty states, to a Chevrolet pick-up tail gate, his dad's fishing lures, bowling balls, old push mower, bed springs, garage door springs, and bushings just to name a few. Somehow Nick has a knack of bringing all these individually interesting parts together to make a terrific artistic statement both on the exterior and interior of his home.

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