Grassroots Art Center

Millard Harrell

"I have been fascinated with carving since I was a small boy, as I watched my great uncle and his customer friends whittle on a stick in front of his hardware store in Paradise, KS," says Millard Harrell.

There wasn't much time for carving during his working years as a music teacher and later a funeral home owner and operator.

"Show me a cottonwood tree with thick bark, then I am inspired immediately to carve a wood spirit." A wood spirit is Lord of the Forest and Natural Things and is said to bring health and good fortune.

He loves the contrast of the old bark and the finely carved figure whether that be an old Sea Dog Fisherman or an Indian Chief.

Millard gouges, chips and carves his way patiently, turning the bark wood and blocks of basswood into finely detailed works of art.

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