Grassroots Art Center

M.T. Liggett

M. T. Liggett started creating scrap metal totem poles in 1989 after retiring from the Air Force.

Over twenty years later he has created some 500+ totems that are displayed on a section of ground at Mullinville, KS.

M.T. had painted one house with an assortment of unusual colors. He has since moved and is now ornamenting the exterior of his current home with metal art.

The 17' tall totem poles are made using parts from farm implements, signs, springs, and any available scrap metal.

The rows of sculptures, often scathing comments on current events, line Liggett's property on Highway 54 east of Dodge City to form his own unique gallery of rogues.

Photographers request signed permission prior to using any of their photographs on this website.