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Letha Shepherd
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Letha Shepherd (deceased) resided and ornamented her yard for over 25 years at 1800 Woodland, Wichita, KS. To the casual eye, the menagerie of collected items might seem like just so much junk, but not to Letha. Her hobby, the owner and collector of items, spanned her lifetime, Mrs. Shepherd remained faithful to the following philosophy, "I never throw anything away, instead, I make something out of it."

Bleach bottles became totem poles, glass telephone wire insulators were affixed to an abandoned box springs, hubcaps ornamented the family basketball goal and an old washing machine became a wishing well. Eventually rock hounding and repurposing jewelry became her passion. ***Letha and her sister, Fern Johnson who lives in eastern Kansas both created distinct city and farm yard environments.

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