Grassroots Art Center

Herman Divers

For those who saw the original KCPT "Rare Visions and Roadside Revelations," remember Topeka's Herman Divers and his astonishing pull-tab creations?

Here, Herman shows us his bottle-cap chair.

The full-size motocycle was created out of 179,200 pull-tabs; and the car, who knows just how many tabs? The pull-tabs are the old-fashioned ones that were available in the 1970's. Each can tab had an extension on it that could be wrapped/bent to secure it onto the next tab. There is no glue or reinforcement iron in these silver artistic wonders of Herman's imagination.

Divers has allowed the Art Center to display his pull-tab table, chair, lamp, umbrella and clothing.

Since pull-tabs are now hard to find, Mr. Divers has started threading buttons and artfully covering and creating objects such as vases, horses, motorcycles, and dolls.

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