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Ernie White
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Ernie White is a blacksmith, farmer, and welder extraordinaire. Ernie and his wife Della belong to the Oregon Trail Association and profess to be 'rut nuts' as they study and follow wagon wheel ruts. In 1991, the County Historical Society asked if he would create a metal covered wagon. He thought about using cut-out silhouettes for the oxen before coming up with the idea of using rebar rods attached and welded in a vertical position. (see photo of hoof) After the steer skeleton was created, he wrapped the entire body with 12 gauge wire followed by melting over 300 pounds of brass welding rod, to create hair on the animals.

From 1992-1993, White's family became accustomed to seeing the oxen taking shape in his farm shop. Ernie says, "You have to be creative in agriculture because you never have any money." He definitely likes a challenge and is a perfectionist. White has designed and constructed various area community projects such as the 14' tall wagon wheel at the entrance to Scott Spring. In addition he designed and created the metal platform and fencing around the Westmoreland hand dug well and the Blaine, KS cemetery gates.

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