Grassroots Art Center

Clifford McNeely

Clifford McNeely (deceased) was a retired farmer, when the art center first documented his farmstead. He created primarily with wood at Geff, Illinois. Clifford loved to visit and had a wonderful sense of humor that is conveyed through many of his sculptures. For instance, "Horse Sense is Seldom Hooked to a Waggin' Tongue."

Clifford had a metal mail box attached to the rafters at a height of 11' in his shop. Painted on it were the words, 'Suggestion Box.'

McNeely spent hours upon hours throughout his lifetime creating hundreds of small 2"- 4" in height, carved, and painted wooden characters, vehicles and animals. The basement of his home was the main collection gallery. One of the focal points of the gallery was his 8" tall train set complete with engine, cars, and caboose which he made and painted from wooden grape boxes from the local grocery store.

Clifford's yard also was ornamented with metal sculptures.

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